South East Europe Has Vast Renewable Potential worth 740 GW, IRENA Report Finds

The report underscores that South East Europe possesses vast technical renewable energy potential, equal tosome 740 GW. The region’swind energy (532 GW) and solar PV (120 GW) potential is largely untapped, and 127 GW of this overall renewable energy potential could be implemented in a cost-competitive way today. The report says this figure could rise further, to above 290 GW, if more favourable cost of capital is considered for the region.
2 years ago

Factors Affecting Firm Competitiveness: Evidence from an Emerging Market (Turkey)

In the paper, competitiveness is proxied by a firm’s financial performance. The empirical analysis is based on firms listed on Borsa Istanbul and covers the period between 2005 and 2014. Results from a firm-level panel data model indicate that return on assets is positively related to firm size, international sales, liquidity and growth, and negatively related to leverage and R&D expenditures.
3 years ago

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