Call for applications: The Itron Smart City Challenge

The Itron Smart City Challenge will bring together leading IoT developers from across Europe to tackle a set of key business and societal challenges. These challenges will be designed by city leaders with the goal of identifying breakthrough solutions that enhance citizen wellbeing, improve operational efficiency and build more resourceful communities.
Application Deadline in 2 months

Smart Dubai and IBM announced the launch of the Dubai Blockchain Platform

Delivered through an IBM Cloud environment and built locally in the UAE, the enterprise-ready platform will serve as a stepping stone for organizations in the UAE and globally to transition their blockchain testing and development into full-production.

Call for Innovation: Smart Cities Challenge

The Cities of Vancouver and Surrey have the opportunity to design the future of smart and safe urban mobility. Our joint Smart Cities Challenge first stage application was chosen out of 130 submissions to be among the 20 finalists vying for federal funding of smart city projects designed to improve the quality of life of city residents.
Applications are closed

Smart Cities for All launches project to define more inclusive approach to innovation for smarter cities

The project is convening leaders from government, industry, and disability organizations to generate new knowledge and tools that define how urban innovation ecosystems, including entrepreneurs, developers, incubators, and accelerators, can create more inclusive apps and technology solutions that impact the lives of all people in cities, including persons with disabilities and older persons.

Low-Cost IoT: A Holistic Approach

The key factors for a successful smart-city project are its initial cost and its scalability. The initial cost depends on several inter-related aspects that cannot be designed and optimized separately.
6 months ago

Smart City Pilot Projects Using LoRa and IEEE802.15.4 Technologies

In this paper, we highlight this aspect and present two smart city testbeds developed in Italy. The first one concerns a smart infrastructure for public lighting and relies on a heterogeneous network using the IEEE 802.15.4 short-range communication technology, whereas the second one addresses smart-building applications and is based on the LoRa low-rate, long-range communication technology.
6 months ago

Artificial Intelligence-Based Semantic Internet of Things in a User-Centric Smart City

In this paper, we propose a novel artificial intelligence-based semantic IoT (AI-SIoT) hybrid service architecture to integrate heterogeneous IoT devices to support intelligent services.
7 months ago

Call for Projects: Smart Cities Challenge for startups worldwide

You know anything there is to know about IoT, AI, sensors, light, technology, smart cities and want to propose innovative ideas and solutions that will have a real impact on our everyday life? Then this challenge is for you!
Applications are closed
7 months ago

What's Next in Making Smart Cities Smarter and Happier?

How will smart cities become even smarter? The answer lies not in simply integrating advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, but in making the system work for individual societies.
7 months ago

Call for Participation: The EIT Digital Challenge 2018 for European deep tech Startups

Fast-growing startups that already have customers, so called scaleups, are invited to enter their successful technology products in one of the following five categories: Digital Industry, Digital Cities, Digital Wellbeing, Digital Infrastructure and Digital Finance.
Applications are closed
7 months ago

Hadoop Oriented Smart Cities Architecture

In this paper, we propose a Hadoop-based architectural stack that can provide the ICT backbone for efficiently managing a smart city. On the one hand, Hadoop, together with Spark and the plethora of NoSQL databases and accompanying Apache projects, is a mature ecosystem. This is one of the reasons why it is an attractive option for a Smart City architecture.
7 months ago

A Multi-Technology Communication Platform for Urban Mobile Sensing

This work proposes a multi-wireless technology communication platform for opportunistic data gathering and data exchange with respect to smart cities. Through the implementation of a proprietary long-range (LoRa) network and an urban sensor network, our platform addresses the heterogeneity of Internet of Things (IoT) devices while conferring communications in an opportunistic manner, increasing the interoperability of our platform.
7 months ago

Call for startups and SMEs working with Big Data: Improving the road safety in Barcelona

Given the data on existing traffic accidents and the conditions of the road the proposed challenge wants to validate if this data could help to develop some solution in order to increase the awareness of all the users of the road about its risks and, therefore, increase the levels of road safety.
Applications are closed
7 months ago

EDI Open Call for startups and SMEs working with Big Data: Optimisation of traffic flow in Berlin, Germany

The challenge is to develop an analytics and prediction engine making use of sensory data identifying vehicles (of different types), bicycles, and pedestrians for creating traffic models at different times and road segments.
Applications are closed
8 months ago

UAE Government’s GovTech Prize Launches the GovHack Series in 8 Major International Cities

The GovTech Prize works throughout the year to search for the best tech government solutions developed by governments and individuals, upon which are awarded at a ceremony during the World Government Summit.
8 months ago

Performance Evaluation of LoRa Considering Scenario Conditions

A novel solution known as Low Power - Wide Area Network (LP-WAN) has emerged as a promising alternative to provide with low-cost and low-power-consumption connectivity to end-nodes spread in a wide area. Concretely, the Long-Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) technology is one of the LP-WAN platforms that is receiving greater attention from both the industry and the academia.
8 months ago

EU Call for Proposals: Smart Cities and Communities

The COP21 Paris Agreement recognizes the role of cities and calls on them to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change.
Application Deadline in 3 months
6 months ago

A Cellular Approach to Net-Zero Energy Cities

The present paper describes a cellular approach to a Net-Zero energy concept, based on the balance between the potential solar energy supply and the existing consumption patterns at the urban unit scale.
9 months ago

The Search for a Convergent Option to Deploy Smart Grids on IoT Scenario

This work is a review which presents and discusses the two main technologies which are currently best positioned to play this role of convergence that is RF Mesh and LoRaWAN. The strengths and weaknesses of each one of them are also presented and propose that in actuality LoRaWAN is a promising option to offer the required conditions to take on this convergent position.
10 months ago