EU's Call for Proposals: Innovative approaches to urban and regional development through cultural tourism

The various forms of cultural tourism in Europe are important drivers of growth, jobs and economic development of European regions and urban areas. They also contribute, by driving intercultural understanding and social development in Europe through discovering various types of cultural heritage, to the understanding of other peoples' identities and values. However, although cultural tourism by its nature invites cross border regional and local cooperation, its full innovation potential in this respect is not yet fully explored and exploited.
Application Deadline in 3 months

UNWTO Partners with Niantic to Develop Innovative Tourism Experiences through Real-World Games

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has partnered with one of its newest Affiliate Members, real-world games developer Niantic, to enhance global tourism through the use of mobile augmented reality game experiences.

Virtual Helsinki aims to attract a million virtual visitors to Helsinki in 2019

Virtual Helsinki is a digital twin of Helsinki that has been created by means of 3D modelling. The aim is to profile Helsinki as a centre of VR/AR expertise, as well as to attract a million virtual visitors to Helsinki in 2019.

Aerial Virtual Reality: Remote Tourism with Drones

This paper proposes a portable system for group-based exploration of remote landscapes in real-time. The system incorporates a drone for video capturing, a Raspberry Pi for wireless communication, an Android server for streaming and control, and one or more Android clients for rendering the footage in mobile virtual reality headsets.

Rwanda and Alibaba unveil the first Electronic World Trade Platform hub in Africa

Alibaba Group and the government of Rwanda have agreed to multiple bilateral initiatives to promote the African country’s economy through increased cross-border trade, capacity building and tourism.

Travelport and IBM working to disrupt travel industry with new innovations

Blockchain to bring increased hotel options, and IBM Watson to fuel new customer experiences

Call for Applications: First Global Gastronomy Tourism Startup Competition

The Global Gastronomy Tourism Startup Competition is a global initiative that aims to identify startups with the greatest potential to outline the future and promote sustainable innovation in the tourism and gastronomy sector.
Application Deadline in 2 months

Call for Applications: Travel tech start-ups in Europe

The Call TRAVEL-TECH INNOVATION CONTEST 2018 is looking for incorporated companies, operating (mainly, but not exclusively) in the field of Travel-Tech with expertise in INCOMING / INTEGRATION OF TRAVEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS with SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE IN BOOKING and API DESIGN/IMPLEMENTATION with an idea, a project and/or in any case able to help us to RENEW the process of interfacing Zani Viaggi’s booking with the different players of the national and international market to allow real-time bookings of the experiences in the portfolio in view of the specific administrative and tax requirements that the different domestic tax systems entail.
Applications are closed

Artificial Intelligence: How can it help your hotel?

Independent hotels should be fully cognizant of the capabilities of AI and how it can help streamline processes, improve customer retention, deliver a better customer experience and provide valuable insights.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand to team up with Alibaba to establish online Thailand tourism platform

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is in the process to enter into a partnership with Alibaba, and its online travel subsidiary, to develop an online platform promoting Thai small tourism operators and emerging destinations to Chinese travellers.
7 months ago

Alibaba Group and the Government of Thailand Enter into Strategic Partnership in Support of Thailand 4.0

the Government of Thailand and Alibaba entered into a strategic partnership to drive the development of Thailand's digital economy and the Eastern Economic Corridor under the Thailand 4.0 policy. Under this partnership, agencies of the Thai government and business units of Alibaba will work closely together in a number of areas, including e-commerce, digital logistics, tourism and training.
8 months ago

Three technology trends that will define the future of travel

The 2018 report evaluates automation, authenticity and blockchain as three major areas for consideration.
8 months ago

Call for Applications: eFounders Fellowship 2018 for Entrepreneurs in Developing Countries

The eFounders Fellowship is a two-week course for entrepreneurs in developing countries who are operating open, platform-based businesses in the ecommerce, logistics, big data, and tourism spaces. The program will provide first-hand exposure to and learning about ecommerce innovations from China and around the world that enabled growth and a more inclusive development model for all.
Applications are closed
8 months ago

Aurora Station to operate as the First Luxury Hotel in Space

Aurora Station will operate as the first luxury hotel in space. The exclusive hotel will host six people at a time, including two crew members. Space travelers will enjoy a completely authentic, once-in-a-lifetime astronaut experience with extraordinary adventure during their 12-day journey.
8 months ago

Emaar Hospitality Group Launches Global Hunt for World's Greatest Hospitality Talent for Under 26-year-olds

Eight candidates will be short-listed and invited to Dubai in July for a one-week casting that will combine traditional and innovative selection techniques. A casting centre will evaluate the short-listed candidates for their personality, creativity, innovative approaches and genuine passion for the industry. One will emerge as the winner - the world's greatest hospitality talent - who will undergo a three-year training under Emaar Hospitality Group's senior leaders and work across the board.
Applications are closed
9 months ago

Dubai Tourism to launch blockchain encrypted virtual B2B marketplace for the travel industry

Dubai will be the first city to embark on the journey of democratising travel through the use of emerging technologies as it adds an additional distribution channel for hotels in its first phase, as its recently announced 10X initiative.
9 months ago

Amadeus creates NDC-X program to drive innovation in the travel industry

New Distribution Capability (NDC), created by IATA, is an XML-based data transmission standard that holds huge promise for the travel industry, and will enable travel companies, from airlines to travel agencies, to evolve travel distribution and merchandizing.
10 months ago

EU Call for Proposals: Curation of digital assets and advanced digitisation

They should provide new technologies and methods that enable, among others, richer experiences, storytelling and the linking of physically separated objects and sites, and tangible and intangible heritage. It should pay attention to the emergence of more dynamic and personalised digital resources which pose new issues in terms of curation and preservation.
Applications are closed
10 months ago

KrisFlyer To Launch World's First Blockchain-Based Airline Loyalty Digital Wallet

The SIA Group’s KrisFlyer frequent-flyer programme is to launch a world-first blockchain-based airline loyalty digital wallet capability that will help unlock the value of KrisFlyer miles to enable everyday spending at retail partners.
10 months ago

Cryptocurrency, Cannabis, Virtual Reality and Alternative Travel Businesses among Hottest New Industries for Startups this year

Cryptocurrency, cannabis, VR and "alternative travel:" these are among the hottest emerging industries for startup entrepreneurs in 2018, according to data culled from online graphic design marketplace 99designs released this week.
a year ago

Tourism from China to the EU more than tripled

The number of nights spent in the EU by tourists from China more than tripled over the last ten years, to reach nearly 25 million nights in 2016. Growth of tourism from China has risen more than that from other major economies such as the USA, Russia or Brazil. Tourists from China account for almost 6% of the total number of nights spent in the EU by non-EU nationals.
a year ago

Design and Implementation a Virtualization Platform for Providing Smart Tourism Services

This paper proposes an Internet of Things (IoT) based virtualization platform for providing smart tourism services. The virtualization platform provides a consistent access interface to various types of data by naming IoT devices and legacy information systems as pathnames in a virtual file system.
a year ago

Smart City and Smart Tourism: A Case of Dubai

The objective of this study is to identify best practices related to Dubai’s smart city and smart tourism. In so doing, Dubai’s mission and vision along with key dimensions and pillars are identified in relation to the advancements in the literature while highlighting key resources and challenges.
a year ago

Marriott Uses Internet of Things to Create Hotel Room of the Future

One example of how the IoT Guestroom Lab will allow for a new and better type of hotel experience is, for example, when a user asks a virtual assistant to give him or her a 6:30 a.m. wake up call so that they can then start performing yoga, or they can ask the room to request additional housekeeping services from the front desk while starting a shower at the exact temperature that the guest has specified in his or her client profile.
a year ago

Amadeus Ventures invests in AVUXI, the Startup that Ranks the Popularity of Every place on Earth

AVUXI’s TopPlace™ technology shows the most popular areas within a city through easy to understand heat map overlays, so travellers searching for a hotel on an online travel agency or metasearch site can intiutively understand the most popular places in the city they are about to visit.
a year ago

New Amadeus paper identifies four ways the Blockchain Can Transform the Future of the Travel Industry

This insight paper comes as the travel technology leader announces a new innovation approach on the eve of its 30 year anniversary. As part of this new approach, Amadeus has identified six core themes with the most potential to transform the travel industry. As well as blockchain, these include extended content, improved conversion, messaging platforms, operations & performance, and disruptive forces.
a year ago

Sabre launches first AI-powered Business Intelligence Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Combining artificial intelligence, big data, and modern visualizations, SynXis Analytics Cloud offers predictive analytics and pattern recognition to recommend strategies that increase hotel revenue across channels.
a year ago

Nice Cote d’Azur Airport launches its 'e-concierge' application

The "E-concierge" mobile app is a hybrid personal assistant developed for travellers, to help both Côte d’Azur locals and tourists organise their everyday lives and their stay.
a year ago

Lufthansa Group partners up with Winding Tree to bring Blockchain Technology to the Travel Industry

Winding Tree is building the first public blockchain-based marketplace for travel content aiming to make travel cheaper for travelers and more profitable for providers.
a year ago

Footprint: Tourism Information Search based on Mixed Reality

This paper proposes “Footprint”, an android-based tourism information search application in a mixed reality environment, whereby it overlays tourism-related information on the image that the mobile phone camera is focused at.
a year ago

Development Of Agrotourism Through Community Organizing Of Tourism Village (in Indonesia)

The purpose of this study was to describe the community organizing that occurs in the development of agrotourism in Lombok Kulon Rural Tourism. The methods used in this study are qualitative and quantitative methods with a single case study approach.
a year ago

UNWTO launches a Travellers’ Competition to Promote Sustainability

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has launched a travellers’ competition ahead of World Tourism Day. The initiative is part of the ‘Travel.Enjoy.Respect’ campaign taking place within the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development 2017. A one-month trip across the world visiting sustainable tourism initiatives is the prize that will be awarded to the winner of the competition.
Applications are closed
a year ago

Business Traveller Awards 2017 names Bangkok Best Leisure Destination in Asia Pacific

The Business Traveller Awards 2017 named Bangkok the ‘Best Leisure Destination in the Asia Pacific‘ for the second straight year, marking a record sixth time Thailand’s capital city has received this prestigious international accolade.
a year ago

Interactive Development of Agri-Tourism bi-chain under the Background of Informatization

This paper first establishes a forecasting model for the interactive development of agricultural tourism industry chain under the background of informatization based on the time series model, and considers the situation of excluding mutants in the specific condition under the background of informationization. The forecasting model obtained can be used to forecast the future interactive development trend of agricultural tourism industry chain under the background of informatization, thus providing a scientific reference for the rapid and healthy development of agricultural tourism industry chain under the background of informatization.
a year ago

Thailand's Tourism Marketing Plan 2018 will promote Sustainable Development and Gastronomy Tourism

TAT’s marketing plan 2018 has been designed to serve the purpose of generating revenue and increase visitor arrivals, promote new ideas and follow the development agenda of Thailand 4.0 using the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, as well as Inclusive Tourism that maintains a balance between the economy, society and the environment.
a year ago

Augmented Reality in Tourism - Research and Applications Overview

The aim of this paper is to present an overview of both research and application aspects of using augmented reality technologies in tourism domain. While most research, and especially applications, are dealing with and developing visual-based augmented reality systems, there is a relevant amount of research discussing the utilization of other human senses such as tactioception and audioception, both being discussed within this work.
a year ago

The Importance Of Digital Marketing In The Tourism Industry

Today digital marketing plays a critical role in the success of each business which exists in the tourism industry. This paper examines the basic determinants of digital marketing and the importance of the same in the tourism industry.
a year ago

Sabre’s Newest Technology Forecast evaluates how Tech Trends like Blockchain, Neural Interfaces and Space Tourism are Reshaping the Travel Landscape

Sabre Corporation has released its latest technology forecast, Sabre Labs’ 2017 Radar Report. The report evaluates nine key technologies with an outsized impact on the travel landscape, looking at what’s happening today and what to expect for tomorrow.
a year ago

IBM's Smarter Cities Challenge to Help Five Cities Improve Services to Their Residents

Smarter Cities Challenge engagements have helped cities around the world to significantly improve the quality of life for their residents. Projects informed by IBM advice have helped to upgrade skills of city staff, enabled cities to win prestigious awards, and made them more competitive.
a year ago

Tourism key to foster trade in Least Developed Countries

Tourism can make a strong contribution to the economies of Least Developed Countries where the sector is a major exporter concludes the report ‘Tourism for Sustainable Development in Least Developed Countries’ launched on the occasion of the Aid for Trade Review held in Geneva.
a year ago