Model Design and Simulation of Automatic Sorting Machine using Proximity Sensor

This research designed and developed an automated sorting object of a conveyor belt. The developed automated sorting machine is able to incorporate flexibility and separate species of non-ferrous metal objects and at the same time move objects automatically to the basket as defined by the regulation of the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) with a capacitive proximity sensor to detect a value range of objects.
a year ago

The Blockchain: a new Framework for Robotic Swarm systems

The combination of blockchain with other distributed systems, such as robotic swarm systems, can provide the necessary capabilities to make robotic swarm operations more secure, autonomous, flexible and even profitable. This work explains how blockchain technology can provide innovative solutions to four emergent issues in the swarm robotics research field.
2 years ago

Analysis of Security Mechanisms Based on Clusters IoT Environments

This paper presents an analysis from a systematic review point of view of articles on Internet of Things (IoT), security aspects specifically at privacy level and control access in this type of environment. Finally, it presents an analysis of security issues that must be addressed, from different clusters and identified areas within the fields of application of this technology.
2 years ago

African Governments and Off-Grid Energy Industry take steps to accelerate progress towards Universal Energy Access

Driven by technological advances and innovative business models, the off-grid solar sector has already improved energy access for at least 120 million people globally.
a year ago

Are You Ready For These World Changing Technologies In 2018?

Beginning with the very tools we use to buy things, entertain ourselves, and keep track of our lives, these technological trends for 2018 will change everything about how we use our gadgets and the systems which operate them.
10 months ago

Call for startups and SMEs working with Big Data: Prevent fraud in cashier operations

The challenge aims to detect scenarios or transactions related to internal fraud. We provide a set of validated fraudulent transactions. These transactions constitute labelled data for training the fraud detection algorithms and we use existing cash register video analysis systems to correlate project findings with real transactions.
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9 months ago

EU Call for Proposals: Toolkit for assessing and reducing cyber risks in hospitals and care centres to protect privacy/data/infrastructures

Development and implementation of innovative methods, tools, guidelines or best practices addressing the need for cybersecurity in hospitals including remote care and homecare settings e.g. for assessing risks and vulnerabilities of hospitals w.r.t cyberattacks; innovative cybersecurity measures; identification/authentication systems within hospitals taking into account cross-border requirements and usability; addressing cybersecurity in the whole lifecycle of a medical device.
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a year ago

Big Data and Big Data Management (BDM) with current Technologies - Review

Big data management is about two things Big data and Data Management and these terms work together to achieve business and technology goals as well. In previous few years data generation have tremendously enhanced due to digitization of data.
2 years ago

Bio Dynamic Farming: A Future Agriculture Farming

Biodynamic farming is based on systematic and synergistic harnessing of energies from cosmos, earth, plant and cow. Biodynamic farm is a self-sufficient unit, a closed ecosystem that produces its own compost, seeds and livestock.
a year ago

A Glimpse of What Lies Ahead for the Color Masterbatches Market

The Global Color Masterbatch Market has recorded $6551.5 m in 2017 and it is estimated to surpass $ 12.35 billion with an estimated rate of 11.8% during 2018 to 2023. Black Color Masterbatches are witnessed as fast growing in the market with $1758.2 million revenue and growing with a CAGR of 9.2%. By Carrier Resin, Polyethylene holds $2.31 m in 2017 with 10.7% growth rate. By End-User, Food & Beverages records the maximum market revenue of $ 2708 million by 2017. Color Masterbatch industry in Europe is growing with an estimated rate of 5.7% by generating a market revenue of $1590.2 million in 2017.

An IoT Middleware Framework for Industrial Applications

This paper proposes an industrial IoT and communications at the edge framework which has some outstanding features related to: the easy integration of fieldbuses and devices used in industrial environments with automatic configuration features, integration of multiple middleware technologies (CORBA, OPC and DDS), the uncoupling of the industrial activity from the publishing data on the Internet, security at different levels of the framework.
a year ago

Vietnamese Enterprises will have to Import more Unprocessed Seafood to turn out products for Export

The import price of unprocessed shrimp is US$1-2 per kilogram lower than that of local shrimp, so firms will buy shrimp overseas to raise the competitiveness of their products on foreign markets. Local seafood companies have imported unprocessed shrimp from India and tuna from the Philippines and Indonesia.
2 years ago

What Opportunities Could Blockchain Create for Intellectual Property (IP)?

There have been many early applications of blockchain technology in fin-tech, but how can blockchain improve the protection of intellectual property (IP)?
7 months ago

AfDB approves US $55-million loan for three Solar PV Projects in Egypt

Egypt has one of the best solar resources in the world, with daily sunshine averaging 9-11 hours, low humidity, and global horizontal irradiation of around 2230-2330 kilowatt-hour (“kWh”)/m2 per year. In order to meet the increasing energy demand, diversify the energy mix, and improve the environmental and climate footprint of the power sector, Egypt has developed an overarching regulatory framework for the development of renewable energy capacity with the aim of securing 20% of its energy generation from renewable sources by 2022.
a year ago

Food Transparency and Knowledge: 2 Trends Shaping Meat & Poultry Market in the U.S. Food Industry

Animal welfare and sustainability also play a role in their decision, as does how the animal is fed grass or vegetarian, for example. In this respect, consumers are likely weighing the effect of feeding choice on the quality, taste and healthfulness of the dish.
2 years ago

GSMA Mobile IoT Initiative Helping Operators Target European Connected Energy Market Worth USD$26 Billion

The European Commission recently published a proposal indicating that approximately 200 million electricity smart meters and 45 million gas meters will be rolled out by 2020.
a year ago

Bottos: Where Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence And Big Data Meet

Bottos will take Blockchain technology to the next level by applying it to AI and big data field.
a year ago

NYSERDA Offers $36 Million to Cut Energy Costs and Support the use of Advanced Technologies

Bridgewater, NJ based Noveda Technologies, an innovative pioneer in the IOT space and provider of patented world-class systems in web-based, real-time energy and water management, today announced the company's platform has been selected as a qualified system provider by The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for NYSERDA's Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) program.
2 years ago

DePuy Synthes Acquires Tissue Regeneration System's 3D Printing Technologies to Treat Bone Defects

The 3D printing methods developed by TRS will help enable DePuy Synthes to create patient-specific, bioresorbable implants with a unique mineral coating intended to support bone healing in patients with orthopaedic and craniomaxillofacial deformities and injuries.
2 years ago

AirMap, DigiCert Introduce First-Ever Digital Identity Certificate for Drones

AirMap announced Drone ID, a partnership with DigiCert that will enable, for the first time, instant authentication of an unmanned aircraft's identity via a digital certificate. Drone ID is a major step forward for drone security, laying the groundwork for a future in which millions of drones can share the airspace safely and efficiently.
2 years ago

Sustainable Wearables: Wearable Technology for Enhancing the Quality of Human Life

This paper aims to elicit insights about sustainable wearables by investigating recent advancements in wearable technology and their applications. Wearable technology has advanced considerably from a technical perspective, but it has stagnated due to barriers without penetrating wider society despite early positive expectations.
3 years ago