EU's Call for Proposals: Automated Translation

In 2019, the main objectives are to support the collection of language tools and resources for specific domains and for under-resourced languages as well as to stimulate the integration and take-up of CEF AT services.
Application Deadline in 2 months

In 2019, the main objectives are to support the collection of language tools and resources for specific domains and for under-resourced languages as well as to stimulate the integration and take-up of CEF AT services.
To this end, three types of collaborative projects will complement the generic services projects supported under previous work programmes:
Collaborative language resource projects to facilitate the provision of language resources to CEF AT through ELRC-SHARE. Projects will need to identify, collect and process (e.g. anonymization, aggregation, alignment, conversion, IPR clearance) language resources in the Member States and CEF associated countries or link national language resources or data infrastructures to the ELRC-SHARE repository.
The collected resources should be freely and openly available by and beyond the end of the project duration in order to enable sharing of language resources. Priority will be given to:
o corpora of EU official languages, Icelandic and Norwegian, ready to be made available as free and open resources;
o resources in the domains relevant for CEF DSIs or domain-specific multilingual corpora in areas of public interest (e.g. scientific research, health, tax and customs, financial or cultural heritage domains) and
o multilingual parallel language resources for language pairs enabling quality improvements in automated translation services for official languages of the Member States, Iceland and Norway.
Collaborative language tools projects to make existing language specific tools freely and openly available through the ELRC-SHARE repository. Projects should address any issues necessary for submitting the tools to the ELRC-SHARE repository (e.g. identification, documentation, conversion, standardisation, normalisation, IPR clearance), thus enabling reuse in other digital public services. Priority will be given to language-specific tools with strong multilingual interoperabililty aspects and specifically covering under-resourced official languages in the EU Member States, Iceland and Norway.
Integration projects to integrate and/or complement the latest functionalities of the CEF AT CSP into CEF DSIs and/or national digital public services. The integration processes are expected to result in fully functional services within the duration of the project and put in place arrangements for sustainability beyond the project duration and the CEF programme
Priority will be given to proposals demonstrating clear European added value and societal impact. Where appropriate, use of the eDelivery Building Block DSI is encouraged in collaborative projects.
Dateline for submission: 14 May 2019
Source: The European Commission

Illustration Photo: State of the Union debate. The EU is a community of 27 countries, whose unity and diversity is expressed via 23 official languages, as well as plethora of other national, regional and local languages. (credits: European Parliament / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

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