June 8, 2017

Just like the “Industry of the Future” plan introduced in France to transform industry through digital technology and robotics, the United States launched the “Advanced Manufacturing” plan in 2012. Its twin aims are to modernize industry in the U.S., which is becoming somewhat dated, and to boost competitiveness, providing an incentive for companies to relocate some of their manufacturing operations stateside.

The Smart Factory Connection Tour has been developed by Business France, together with the French Government Businesses Directorate (DGE), and is aimed at innovative SMEs specializing in technologies to upgrade industrial manufacturing. The idea is to help companies like these make the most of opportunities in the marketplace arising from rapid modernization.

Eight innovative SMEs have been chosen to take part in this unique program. On September 17, they will begin an intensive, week-long immersion program, during which they will showcase their technologies and develop partnerships with major players from American industry. They will be based in two of America’s great industrial cities: Chicago, the second largest manufacturing center in the U.S., and Detroit, the birthplace of the automotive industry.

The eight companies will also be supported over a 10-month period before and after the week-long immersion program, enabling them to strengthen the business relationships that they forge in the U.S.

Source: Business France

Photo: Smart Factory Connection Tour (credit: Business France)




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