FLAME is an initiative designed to create a sustainable FMI ecosystem through experimentation, collaboration and innovation. Within this scope, FLAME works within the creative industries to create exciting, viable applications for the Future Media Internet (FMI) that bring value to the many sectors dependent on effective production and distribution of media content, such as broadcast, gaming, education, and beyond into healthcare and smart city management. 
FLAME aims to optimise media content delivery by enabling deep interactions between media service providers and an underlying communications infrastructure using software defined networking and information centric networking techniques. The main target is to provide a significant leap forward for media delivery supporting personalized, interactive, mobile and localized (PIML) workflows. The FLAME platform provides this leap through capabilities for low latency distributed computing as well as content over a 5G-enabled programmable infrastructure, providing the user with faster access to media and services, lower latency and higher personalization of the experience through closer media processing. Through the platform’s fast and dynamic service request routing capability, media service providers will have fine-grained control over load and therefore costs across the network. This offers the potential to significantly reduce the overall costs while ensuring fast availability of services towards end users. 
Feasibility check deadline: 17th of May 2018
Final Submission deadline: 10th of June 2018
Source: FLAME

Illustration Photo: Students learn about the James Webb Space Telescope at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in April of 2018. Here a student plays with a virtual reality demo. (credits: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

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