The manufacturing industry can essentially be classified into two main categories: process industry and discrete product manufacturing. The process industry transforms material resources into a new material with different physical and chemical properties. This material is then usually shaped by discrete manufacturing into an end user product or intermediate component.
The E3 topic looks for CPS/IOT data-driven experiments involving all actors along the full value chain – from different types of raw material suppliers, through industrial transformation into intermediate products and applications, with the goal of reducing the environmental footprint and increase industrial efficiency. The experiments must use MIDIH reference architecture and reference implementations and the MIDIH Data Infrastructures.
Candidates are required to provide experiments based on the MIDIH architecture and to provide the correspondent datasets to be experimented in MIDIH HPC/Clouds.
In alignment with SPIRE, the EU Public-Private Partnership dedicated to innovation in resource and energy efficiency enabled by the process industries, experiments results will be shared publicly in dissemination events and through the SPIRE tools.
The Deadline to submit an application: 29 June 2018
Source: MIDIH

Illustration Photo: A specialist centre to develop new manufacturing processes for lightweight materials for the aerospace and automotive industries is to be set up as a first step towards creating a National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland. (credits: First Minister of Scotland / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0))

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