Authors: S. Sakthi Kumar and Dr. K. Gunaseela Prabu


Source: International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research in Arts and Humanities 2(1) 158-161

Content Provider: Zenodo 
Cashew is a tropical evergreen tree known for its seed worldwide. It flowers once a year between the month of November and January. The sweet flavored nuttiest feature of cashew nut like seeds are obtained from the bottom of the false fruit of this tree, which is termed as cashew apples. The Cashew nut can be seen sitting smugly under the soft belly of the cashew' apple. Cashew seed is the food product. It is placed third among the largest consumed tree nuts in the world. The commercial production of cashew seed is done in more than 32 countries of the world, mostly in hot and dry agro climatic conditions suitable for cashew cultivations. Now it has become the number one crop in the world. 
The main objective of the study is to examine the problems faced by cashew exporters from Tamilnadu and to suggest suitable recommendation for improving the performance of the industry. The central Govt. should adopt certain measure for reducing the major problems and encouraging exporters. Then only the cashew exporters to reach their target in future export of India.
This article is published under license Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

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