The Atlantic Area and its resources are increasingly recognized as being essential for addressing the multiple challenges that will be faced in the decades to come: it is a key source of food, energy, minerals, jobs and transport upon which hundreds of millions of people depend.

The maritime industry landscape is undergoing a transition from traditional shipping and fishing practices, into new activities which reshape and diversify the industry. Moreover, the Atlantic Area economy is expanding rapidly driven by a large number of factors: the increase in world population, global economic growth, increased trade, sustainability etc. In this new context, emerging industries are characterised in particular by the key roles played by their operations utilising cutting-edge science and technologies, moving increasingly towards high levels of automation.

  • Renewable ocean energy from tides and waves
  • Marine aquaculture
  • Seabed mining
  • E-navigation
  • Multi-use platforms
  • AI for marine ecosystem
  • Offshore
  • More information is available in the tender documentation.
Dateline for submission of preproposals: 18 July 2018
Source: The European Space Agency

Illustration Photo: Solar Powered FLUPSY. Shellfish farming, using solar energy to grow oyster seed that will then sequester ocean CO2 (credits: VIUDeepBay / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))


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