Altran, global leader in Engineering and R&D services (ER&D), and Nokia are developing a joint solution which will help car manufacturers, railways operators, utilities and smart cities to digitalize their operations. As the development of connected and autonomous vehicles is significantly accelerating, this solution will enable connectivity and the delivery value-added services for users.

Altran and Nokia will build a solution to enable new uses, future evolutions and openness to other systems during their lifetime, giving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) control of their content management strategy. For example, this platform enables over the air, secure and safe software updates for vehicles, without the need for costly recalls or updates at the dealership.

The collaboration will leverage Altran’s IoT offering, VueForge®, which supports enterprises in transforming their business and organizations, by connecting machines, objects, people and environments: VueForge® brings together a complete set of services and assets throughout the IoT technology chain:

  • Expertise in the collection, transport, analytics and business exploitation of data
  • Access to an extended ecosystem of leading partners from the IoT industry
  • Expand capabilities of connected embedded systems

Intelligent vehicles

The collaboration will also leverage CoherenSE®, the open software platform for intelligent vehicles developed by Altran in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover (based on Service-Oriented Architecture principles). The platform simplifies and rationalizes the car’s software equipment, allowing updates over the air and centralized management.

Nokia brings strong expertise in connectivity and IoT platforms, especially in three areas:

  • 5G and IoT connectivity with its AirScale and AirFrame platforms, which will help automotive manufacturers to meet mobility and road safety requirements by supporting critical communications capabilities
  • Cloud-based solutions to support FOTA (firmware over the air) / SOTA (software over the air) updating capabilities
  • Nokia’s IMPACT IoT Platform, a secure, standards-based platform for building and scaling IoT services. It manages data collection, event processing, device management, security, data contextualization, data analytics, for any device, any protocol and across any application

Photo: CoherenSE®, the open software platform for intelligent vehicles developed by Altran in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover (based on Service-Oriented Architecture principles) (credit: Altran)

Railway operators

Altran and Nokia are collaborating on creating a comprehensive solution bringing together the benefits of IoT, connectivity, analytics and other digital technologies, to boost operational efficiency for railway operators on several areas/use cases, including:

  • Fleet and asset management, encompassing:
    • Rolling Stock Predictive Maintenance (such as train-borne systems, e.g. doors, brakes, HVAC)
    • Trackside Equipment Predictive Maintenance (e.g. signalling)
  • Facility Management including station equipment predictive maintenance and energy management
  • Operations Optimization (for stations, shunting yards, depots, etc.)

The joint solution will combine Altran’s engineering, analytics and overall system integration capabilities with the Nokia connectivity and IMPACT IoT offerings. The solution supports:

  • Reliable connectivity to dedicated railway sensors
  • Adaptive, scalable IoT solution for multiple use-cases
  • An advanced analytics engine for incremental development of railway intelligence
  • End-to-end cyber security solution

Source: Altran


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