Call for proposals: Solutions to collect and analyze public data on companies

ENGIE has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud provider for advanced storage, data collection and analysis solutions. The call for projects continues ENGIE's work on data enhancement to better serve its customers and offer increasingly innovative solutions based on the cloud.
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ENGIE has set up a data hub as part of its "Zero Carbon Transition" strategy, which is particularly focused on advising and supporting its corporate customers in their efforts to increase their energy efficiency and to find carbon-free solutions for their energy sources by leveraging the AWS Cloud. This hub already brings together financial, commercial and technical data on our corporate customers, information available either internally or provided by the customers themselves. ENGIE is looking for a solution to add to this hub using publicly-available data available on websites and social networks, thereby enriching its analytics bank in order to improv our customers’ 360° vision and the related decisions they make.

The "Zero Carbon Transition" strategy for ENGIE's major global customers is broken down into a series of services, including:

  • measuring and reporting on their overall consumption of energy and fluids (electricity, gas, heat, cooling, etc.),
  • evaluating the energy efficiency of their buildings,
  • evaluating the relevance and efficiency of their energy production and storage methods,
  • diagnosing how efficiently they purchase energy,
  • evaluating their constraints and ambitions in terms of decarbonizing their energy sources (through purchasing and production).

The aim of this diagnostic and consulting phase is to offer customers the solutions that are best suited to their situation, regardless of how they are structured internally, their geographical location or the nature of the facilities they own (buildings, factories, etc.). In order to offer this type of advice to its large corporate clients, ENGIE has set up a data hub based on the AWS Cloud.

This hub is being rolled out in all of ENGIE’s business units and makes it possible to take in, store and share large quantities of data from different sources (applications such as ERP and CRM, IoT sensors, partners such as the weather service, Open Data, etc.). Additionally, the hub also involves a series of visualization tools (dataviz) and advanced analysis (machine learning, AI, etc.). Last, an API portal has been developed to show and share the data services and products that emerge from the analysis (dashboards, algorithms, etc.).

Data can be structured (tables, files, etc.) or unstructured (text, images, video).

The device is not currently connected to external, unstructured data sources from websites or social networks. There are also no data visualization products or analytics for this type of data.

As a result, our customers' 360° vision is incomplete and the decision making that it informs is less efficient. Their public environmental footprint is neither captured nor analyzed; this is the case in all areas where the customer is present.

ENGIE is therefore looking for a solution that:

  • identifies public data about companies that can be used to create value for the Zero Carbon consulting activity,
  • extracting, cleaning and classifying this data to make it usable,
  • Automatically storing this data on the data hub (AWS Cloud),
  • offering advanced data visualization and analytics products based on the needs of the business units,
  • conduct analyzes in a recurring and up-to-date way.

The scope covers large companies and global corporations. It covers the entire organizational and legal structure of these companies (subsidiaries, etc.) and all regions of the world. While it is important to acquire a detailed analysis of each company, both per company and per region it is located in, the vision from websites and social networks may vary from one company or country to another.

Eligibility and selection criteria 

  • Suitability with the subject
  • Innovative nature of the solution
  • Consistency of the planned business model
  • Feasibility/economic viability
  • Development potential
  • Maturity of the project/solution
  • Energy efficiency
  • Capacity of the solution to be quickly launched
  • Quality/price ratio
  • Duration of the return on investment
  • Ease of implementation


Deadline for submissions: July 3, 2019

Source: ENGIE

Illustration Photo: Corporate Data (CC0 Creative Commons from

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