Author: Kulshrestha Sanatan


Publisher: USA
Source: IndraStra Global ; 2017 ; 8 ; 4
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Today, stand-alone computers and devices can be injected by viruses using drones and aircraft to cripple a nation’s cyber capability. Air Gaps placed at critical points in cyber infrastructure does not provide protection against a cyber-attack anymore. U.S. has been flying EC-130H "Compass Call" on daily missions to deny ISIS military leaders and fighters the ability to communicate and coordinate defensive actions by shutting down their cell phones, radios, IEDs and very likely their new weapon of choice, drones.
Big Data management (Storage, Handling, Analysis, Transmission) is directly linked to its security. Big Data security involves, infrastructure security, data management, data privacy, and integrity & reactive security. The Government of India (GoI) has appreciated the all-pervasive nature of the cyber space domain and has therefore structured a holistic approach to the issues of Cyber Security and Big Data.

Illustration Photo: Indian Naval Ship Sahyadri (Credit: Press Information Bureau, Government Of India)


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