Paris Region in 2018:
  • On the podium of global cities
  • The highest GDP in the European Union: €660b
  • 30% of the French nation's GDP and 4.5% of the EU28's GDP
  • 1,055,000 companies and 6.2 million jobs
  • Europe's largest employment pool: 23.1% of jobs in France and 35% of French executives
  • Europe's #1 region in R&D with the highest R&D spending and the largest pool of R&D workers
  • A consumer marketplace of considerable importance:
  • 12 million inhabitants, 18.2% of France's population
  • 8.3 million visitors in the Region’s main conference and exhibition centers, 
  • 47 million tourists
  • The largest stock of commercial property in Europe
  • A region in reinvention
Source: Paris Region
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