Do you have a good idea on how to improve skincare? If so, we’re looking to help you make that idea into a reality. Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS (JLABS) and Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. are holding a Digital Beauty QuickFire Challenge that’s awarding winning ideas up to $50,000 in grants, up to one year of residency at an available local JLABS incubator, access to a network of consumer experts, and admission to test the product with consumers at the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. Consumer Experience Center (CxC).

If you have a good idea for a product, service or technology to help consumers tackle today’s toughest skincare challenges, from innovative devices to digital technologies, and everything in between, we’re looking for solutions that create powerful, connected experiences for consumers everywhere.

Rewards and benefits

  • Up to $50,000 USD in funding to help advance their product prototype toward commercialization.
  • Access to a network of Johnson & Johnson Consumer experts.
  • Up to one year of residency at an available JLABS location.
  • Admission to test the product with consumers at the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. Consumer Experience Center (CxC) to custom design and execute one free research initiative. 
Examples of studies that can be conducted include:
  • Qualitative research with up to four focus groups, up to 30 one-on-one interviews, or three concept development sessions
  • Ethnographic research
  • Small scale quantitative work that could include surveys, home use or central location testing

Photo: Digital Beauty (credit: Johnson & Johnson Innovation)

Areas of Focus
  1. Insights-Generating Tools that empower consumers to make better informed skincare choices, such as at-home skin assessments, coaching engines, and personalization tools to simplify product selection and build regimen. 
  2. Impact Tracking Devices and Adherence Solutions that help improve consumers’ skin health management by monitoring skin-impacting factors such as pollution, UV, and skin biomarkers.
  3. Digital Technologies or Devices that increase efficacy beyond traditional topical applications to progress skin health for consumers with hard to treat concerns such as acne, photoaging, and eczema. 

What we are looking for in applications

  • Must be an incorporated company
  • Must have a prototype/technology minimum viable product accessible for commercialization within 12 months
  • Must have the ability to accommodate a digital connection

Submit your application before 19 January 2018

Source: Johnson & Johnson Innovation


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