Authors: Durkin Barbara, Lokshina Izabella, Lanting Cees J.M.


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The Internet of Things (IoT) provides the tools for the development of a major, global data-driven ecosystem. When accessible to people and businesses, this information can make every area of life, including business, more data-driven. In this ecosystem, with its emphasis on Big Data, there has been a focus on building business models for the provision of services, the so-called Internet of Services (IoS). These models assume the existence and development of the necessary IoT measurement and control instruments, communications infrastructure, and easy access to the data collected and information generated by any party. Different business models may support opportunities that generate revenue and value for various types of customers.
This paper contributes to the literature by considering business models and opportunities for third-party data analysis services and discusses access to information generated by third parties in relation to Big Data techniques and potential opportunities.
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