26 May 2017

Our cities face great challenges to improve safety, energy efficiency, air quality, effectivity of transportation and quality of living. In smart cities, there is a growing need for a new generation digital service infrastructure, which enables improved data capacity for citizens and new service and business opportunities for companies. The ever growing need for more data capacity in mobile telecommunications networks is a great challenge.

Picture: LuxTurrim5G will be the breakthrough enabler for a digital smart city ecosystem in street level deployments, building versatile technology and service platform utilizing a single flexible 5G network. ©Sitowise

LuxTurrim5G projects answers the challenges by taking into use small cell radio frequency (RF) technologies and higher frequencies to provide higher data capacity. The small cell solution needs a dense network of antennas setting new requirements for the network infrastructure. LuxTurrim5G will develop and demonstrate concrete technical solutions for smart light pole based 5G infrastructure, and business and service innovations based on that. The smart light poles will include integrated miniaturized 5G antennas and base stations, different sensors, screens and other devices enable the realization of a novel smart city infrastructure bringing not only energy-efficient smart LED lighting but especially big data capacity and a variety of new smart city services available for all users.

LuxTurrim5G will be carried out by Finnish companies and research institutes: Nokia Bell Labs, Sitowise, Exel Composites, Premix, Lammin Ikkunat ja Ovet, Vaisala, Teleste, Indagon, C2 Smart Light, VTT, Tampere University of Technology, Aalto University and Spinverse.

Together with its partners, VTT will develop fast high data capacity 5G radio and antenna solutions, which is the key for the the smart light pole based telecommunications network. VTT participates also in producing suitable small cell architectures and open interfaces enabling, for example, the integration of a various sensors into the poles by the industry partners in LuxTurrim5G. Furthermore, VTT helps to develop positioning solutions for the smart light pole network and participates in studies for finding suitable materials improving mobile signals transport in modern smart buildings.

In addition to 5G technology development, new service infrastructures, digital ecosystems and related new business models and methods are central to LuxTurrim5G. The business development experts in VTT will work together with the consortium partners to create such models and methods.



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