Agriculture 4.0: Broadening Responsible Innovation in an Era of Smart Farming

We argue that ideas of responsible innovation should be further developed in order to make them relevant and robust for emergent agri-tech, and that frameworks should be tested in practice to see if they can actively shape innovation trajectories.

Authors: David Christian Rose and Jason Chilvers
Journal: Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, 21 December 2018
Publisher: FRONTIERS 
Agriculture is undergoing a new technology revolution supported by policy-makers around the world. While smart technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of Things, could play an important role in achieving enhanced productivity and greater eco-efficiency, critics have suggested that the consideration of social implications is being side-lined. Research illustrates that some agricultural practitioners are concerned about using certain smart technologies. Indeed, some studies argue that agricultural societies may be changed, or “re-scripted,” in undesirable ways, and there is precedent to suggest that wider society may be concerned about radical new agricultural technologies. We therefore encourage policy-makers, funders, technology companies, and researchers to consider the views of both farming communities and wider society. 
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Illustration Photo: Drone flight over a cotton field (CC0 Creative Commons from

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