Edge / Fog computing reference architectures and distributed local clouds frameworks aim at inserting a new computational layer between the Real World and the Cloud. Smart factory Digital Twins are digital representations of a real world artefact in a production site (a machine, a robot, or even the whole production line). Traditionally such models run on the cloud but when real-time (or near real time) performance is required, they can be moved and deployed on a reduced scale closer to the real world.
The T2 topic looks for factory-oriented Digital Twin IT experiments, which are using the MIDIH "edge / fog" computing architecture and reference implementations and the MIDIH Didactic Factories in Milano and Bilbao. Candidates are required to provide advanced Factory digital models and to deploy them onto the MIDIH edge/fog framework available in our two didactic factories.
The Deadline to submit an application: 29 June 2018
Source: MIDIH

Illustration Photo: IBM Quantum Computing Research Scientist Antonio Corcoles uses the IBM Quantum Experience on a tablet in the IBM Quantum Lab that shows an open dilution refrigerator (credits: Jon Simon / Feature Photo Service for IBM / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0))

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