The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Award has announced it is now open for submissions. The fifth edition of the annual programme will honour individuals and organisations from around the world who have pioneered new forms of knowledge dissemination that benefit humanity.
Organised by the Mohammed bin Rashid Knowledge Foundation (MBRF), the $1 million award seeks to build a robust knowledge economy by stimulating creativity and innovation, and celebrating knowledge and entrepreneurship across various fields, including education, scientific research, communication technology, printing, publishing and documentation. The competition is open for individuals and organisations from the public and private sectors in the UAE, the region and the world.
Dateline for submission: June 25, 2018
Source: The Mohammed bin Rashid Knowledge Foundation (MBRF)

Photo: Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed delivering the Knowledge Award to renowned Japanese scientist Hiroshi Komiyam. (credit: Mohammed bin Rashid Knowledge Foundation (MBRF))


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