Authors: Charvát K, Kepka M, Bērziņš R, Leitgeb Š


The International Tri-Conference for Precision Agriculture in 2017
Publisher: Zenodo
Agriculture requires the collection, storage, sharing and analysis of large quantities of spatially referenced data. For this data to be effectively used, it must be transferred between different hardware, software and organisations. These data flows currently present a hurdle to uptake of precision agriculture as the multitude of data models, formats, interfaces and reference systems in use result in incompatibilities. Management of huge amounts of data is a challenge. Spatia-temporal data is increasingly collected by remote or in-situ sensors rather than by field campaigns. The wireless communications have several benefits, but also pose challenges to the data exchange reliability and power supply. Sensor calibration and deployment as well as maintenance of sensors need resources and technical skills and increase the costs of data acquisition. Both increasing the amount of data and awareness of data quality issues highlight importance that metadata are attached to sensor data. Senslog is an integrated solution for sensor networks. Senslog consists of data model and server-side application which is capable to store, analyses and publish data in various ways. Senslog receives measured data from nodes or gateways, stores data properly in the database, pre-processes for easier queries if desired and then publishes data through the system of web-services. Senslog is suitable for sensor networks with static sensors (e.g. meteorological stations) as well as for mobile sensors (e.g. tracking of vehicles, human-as-sensor). Database model was based on standardized data model for observations from OGC Observations&Measurements. But the model was extended to provide more functionality especially in the field of users hierarchy, alerts and tracking of mobile sensors.
This article is published under license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

Illustration Photo: IAEA Senior Laboratory Technician, Jose Luis Arrillaga demonstrate the use of a moisture sensor to IAEA Fellows during their fellowship training at the Agency Laboratory in Seibersdorf. (credits: Dean Calma / IAEA / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0))


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