Call for Proposals: Robotics I&M applications for Transport hubs (Ports, airports, stations, etc.)

RIMA will support the development and deployment of robotics I&M applications with grants for two types of eligible actions: Technology Transfer Experiments (TTEs) and Technology Demonstrators (TD).
Application Deadline in a month
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RIMA will support the development and deployment of robotics I&M applications with grants for two types of eligible actions: Technology Transfer Experiments (TTEs) and Technology Demonstrators (TD).
Technology Transfer Experiments (TTE) consist of developing, testing and validating the technical and economic viability of a robotic-based representative model or prototype system to be applied in ‘Target Use Domain’ operational environment. 
Technology Demonstrators (TD) consist of validating the technical and economic viability of a new or improved Robotic-based technology, product, process, service or solution in an ‘Target Use Domain’ operational environment, whether industrial or otherwise, involving where appropriate a larger scale prototype or demonstrator.
This challenge is applicable to various types of transport hubs, safety and transport infrastructure. Perimeter infrastructure is mainly focused on fences but may also include other objects like gates and walls. Keeping the perimeter infrastructure in good shape is crucial for safety and security. Detection of anomalies is useful to plan repair and can provide valuable information regarding security breaches. This challenge focuses on value adding robotized inspection, repair and maintenance of the perimeter infrastructure. Increasing safety is important for the proper operation of transport hubs, especially at less secure nodes by designing a safety system based on bidirectional communication between two elements of the railway infrastructure, i.e. a rail vehicle and a railway crossing using the GPS network.


Robotized inspection and monitoring of waterways shall detect siltation or obstacles. Securing safe and accessible waterways is of crucial (economic) importance. This challenge calls for robotizing these efforts, without interfering with possible operations at the waterways.


Quay walls and locks need to be inspected, repaired and maintained (IRM) to secure safety and accessibility. These operations involve divers and sometimes robotic systems. Since IRM of these assets impose significant danger and challenges for both divers and robotic systems, solutions in this matter are required.


This challenge calls for automatized/robotized inspection and maintenance of runways, for example visible and under surface condition, debris, ice and snow removal.


Vegetation encroaching onto railway tracks or over related equipment impose safety and accessibility risks. Detecting, monitoring this vegetation and removing it in time by robotized systems is the focus for this challenge.


Inspection, repair and maintenance of rails and power cables are challenging operations. Securing safety of inspection efforts, reducing downtime of the rail transport and timely detection of anomalies are important factors. Robotized solutions that tackle these challenges are called for in this challenge.


For Transportation Hubs and Railway Infrastructure, this open call provides the opportunity for value adding robotic solutions that show significant impact.

Application Deadline: 19 December 2019 at 16:00 CET
Source: RIMA

Illustration Photo: Road inspection by drone (credits: Washington State Dept of Transportation / Flickr Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0))

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