BANGKOK, 8 August 2017 (NNT)

The Ministry of Commerce has resolved to step up efforts towards making Thailand the world’s fruit super power, drafting both short and long term strategies. 

Deputy Minister of Commerce Sontirat Sontijirawong revealed after a strategic meeting on the nation’s fruit trade that the ministry has set up a working plan that involves the private sector and has both short and long term goals. The aim of the plan is to maintain the price, quality and safety of Thai fruits with the intent of making Thailand the world super power for fruit production. 

Illustration Photo: Thai fruits (credit: National News Bureau of Thailand)

The strategies are to first be applied to durian, coconut and mangosteen due to their high volume of production and export. 

In the short term, the ministry will seek to better track production data and manage supplies while also elevating the grade of the fruits. Logistics systems will be improved for the trade of fruits and a Fruit Expo or similar exhibition will be held in promotion. 

All plans under the strategy are to be completed by June 2018 in time for harvests. The first priority is to suppress the fluctuation of product prices. 

Source: National News Bureau of Thailand


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