3 August 2017 - MACAU--(BUSINESS WIRE)

Alibaba Group, the world’s largest online and mobile marketplace, today announced that it and the Government of Macau Special Administrative Region (Macau), have entered into a strategic partnership framework agreement, under which Alibaba will support Macau’s transformation into a smart city by using cloud computing technologies in order to bring benefits to both residents and tourists visiting the city.

The partnership is for four years. In the first phase from 2017 to 2019, the collaboration will focus on cloud computing, smart transportation, smart tourism, smart healthcare, and smart city governance, as well as talent development:

  • Cloud computing: The parties will collaborate to develop a dedicated smart technology platform with the aim of promoting cloud computing technologies in Macau.
  • Smart transportation: The parties will build a smart transportation network for the city to optimize the management of road, water and air traffic, making the most effective use of Macau’s transportation resources.
  • Smart tourism: Alibaba will support Macau in its development of smart tourism, leveraging the analysis of visitors and providing target consumer marketing tools. In the future, tourists visiting Macau will enjoy insight-driven guided tours, convenient mobile payments and customized online promotions at the airport, commercial districts, tourist spots, convenience stores and restaurants.
  • Smart healthcare: Alibaba will support Macau in enhancing its electronic medical system and assisting healthcare decision-making through the use of online medical information.
  • Smart city governance: Alibaba will assist Macau with the development of a centralized cloud-based platform that connects different government departments to enhance the efficiency of the city's governance.
  • Talent development: Alibaba is launching the Alibaba Cloud IT Certificate program and B2B e-commerce training program with local tertiary educational institutions to support the development of professionals in cloud computing and e-commerce, as well as to identify and nurture promising startups and talented entrepreneurs in Macau.

The scope of collaboration is intended to encompass environmental protection, economic forecasting and customs clearance on a later stage.

Alibaba has a proven track record in smart city development which this newly announced collaboration will seek to build on. One example is the Hangzhou City Brain, which was launched in October 2016 based on artificial intelligence and deep learning and reduces traffic congestion by sending out instant traffic alerts and route suggestions to users by real-time prediction of traffic movement. This transportation management system, piloted in Hangzhou’s Xiaoshan District, has increased traffic speed by as much as 11%.

Source: Alibaba Group

Illustration Photo: Macau tower (Public Domain from Pixabay.com)


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