Authors: Maher Omar Alshammari, Abdulmohsen A. Almulhem and Noor Zaman

Journal Title: International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications
ISSN: 2156-5570 (Print)
Publisher: The Science and Information (SAI) Organization
People are living in cities and villages based on their profession and their earnings. Those who have better earnings can live their live nicely. However, those who do not have good earnings are facing difficulties to survive their lives even for their basic necessities such as food and clothes. Government and limited charity organizations are trying to help them.
In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia few charity organizations placed few donation boxes around the city to collect donations on donor’s ease, but it has become hard for them to monitor them regularly, which affect the donation condition. Involving the Internet of Technology (IoT) will give the donors' comfort and fast way to communicate with the charity, which will make the donation process efficient, easier and in well-organized as well.
This paper presents a smart solution which is based on advanced technologies namely; Smart Charity (SC) that will help charity organizations, donators and needy people by involving IoT. SC working mechanism based on two folds, 1)Web-Based Application and 2)Android-based smart Application that will enable donors to donate through their mobiles anywhere and anytime, as well they can suggest the best time for them so the charity organization’s representative can visit and collect the desired donations. SC will enable the charity organization to know the location of donors and needy people through GPS as well. In addition, SC introduces Smart Donation Box (SDB) concept by involving IoT, which will have the capability to communicate with charity organizations about its current status such as quarterly, half or fully filled.

Photo: Smart donation box prototype (credits: Maher Omar Alshammari, Abdulmohsen A. Almulhem and Noor Zaman)


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