“Chronic Care Connect™” is a remote monitoring solution in order to support remotely patients with chronic conditions at home using digital. Thanks to this technology, patients are monitored on a daily basis remotely with individualized support provided by Air Liquide nurses via a certified nursing center.

Depending on the medical monitoring protocol prescribed by the physician, patients use one or more connected systems (blood pressure monitor, scale, pulse oximetry, glucose meter or ventilator, for example). Each device is connected to a digital tablet that allows patients to access their monitoring. Patient medical data is sent to and analyzed by the nurses who serve the Air Liquide center, which exchanges information regularly with patients and their physicians.

Patients benefit from personalized support, which helps to improve their quality of life, staying at home. As for their physicians, they have access to an operational solution that allows for preventive management of patient condition evolution. By avoiding hospitalization, the Air Liquide connected solution for the remote monitoring of patients also meets the challenges of healthcare costs control.

Photo: Remote monitoring solution “Chronic Care Connect™” (credit: Air Liquide)

A study in Germany involving patients with chronic heart failure who benefit from this kind of monitoring revealed a likelihood of survival increased by nearly 50% one year out.

Air Liquide’s connected solution is currently being rolled out in France and in Spain, currently available for selected patients suffering from chronic heart failure and diabetes. In the months ahead, it will also be made available to patients care with chronic respiratory failure.

Source: Air Liquide


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