Bayer helps farmers keep sows healthy with new BCS SowDition smartphone application

BCS SowDition enables accurate and standardized body condition scoring of sows in four simple steps, contributing to better health and management.

Monheim, Germany, December 10, 2018

Bayer has introduced BCS SowDition, a new smartphone application to help swine farmers to easily and accurately score the body condition of sow herds. The results are tracked and can be analyzed, enabling farmers to make better and more timely management decisions. 

Body condition scoring (BCS) of sows is a commonly practiced and accepted indicator of health, well-being and fertility. But farmers have long faced the challenge of objectively and accurately scoring entire herds. With BCS SowDition, visual subjectivity of body condition scoring is minimized with a simple photo-and-line fit system, allowing for accurate and standardized assessment of individual sows. 

“Body condition scoring is an important aspect of good sow health and management. It enables farmers to ensure appropriate feeding and nutrition. Objective scoring of an entire herd visually can be a challenge. BCS SowDition is timely and I believe that it will help farmers make better management decisions with less time and effort, and contribute to swine health and farm productivity,” said Dr. KyungWon Lee, swine veterinary practitioner with Smart Pig Clinic in South Korea.

Photo: Body condition scoring is a good indicator of sow health and well-being. Bayer’s BCS SowDition helps farmers to easily and accurately score and track the body condition of their sow herd. (credit: Bayer AG)

“There is no question that body condition scoring is important for sow health and management, as well as success of a farm. When assessing a sow’s body condition, there are two extremes – fat or thin. The challenge is determining the intermediate points objectively to achieve an optimal herd score. BCS SowDition is an easy tool to use. It provides a good orientation for evaluation, scoring and tracking. This will help me to better manage my sow herd and provide the right conditions for them to thrive,” added Dr. Luisa Álvarez, supervisor at FRISA Farms, PAF Group in Guatemala.

“Maintaining optimal sow body condition is a vital part of good herd health, well-being and management. Through BCS SowDition, we optimize mobile technology to offer farmers a practical tool that enables them to easily achieve accurate body condition scoring of sows and to adjust management practices as needed. More informed management decisions benefit pig health and well-being, as well as the farm,” said Octavio Orlovsky Eckhardt, Head of Species Marketing Swine at Animal Health, Bayer.

Source: Bayer

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