Our Group is based in Singapore with manufacturing plants in Nigeria and Cambodia. We are looking for an energetic, career oriented Landscape Architect who is creative, looking to learn, and willing to participate in all aspects of an innovative industrial project. 


Job Description

• Prepare environmental analysis plans, site plans, landscape plans, construction documents, presentation renderings, and planning and open space management reports.
• Involve in every aspect of a project from site selection, design, project coordination, municipal approval, to site construction observation, plant selection, and final field review. 



- At least 5 years of professional experience

- Fluent in English

- Good reporting skill

- Good leadership and management skill

- Be able to work under pressure

- Site and zoning analysis

- Preparation of conceptual site plans

- Preparation of construction documents including plans, grading, layout, lighting and planting plans

- Project cost estimates

- Presentation graphics

- Being able to work as part of a team

- Meeting project deadlines with a smile Skills

- Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously

- Ability to excel under pressure and deadlines

- Ability to communicate in a clear concise and professional manner both verbally and in writing.

- Proficiency in AutoCAD and Photoshop is required, and proficiency in Sketch-Up, InDesign, and GIS is desirable.

- Proficiency in hand sketching and rendering

- Excellent knowledge of plant materials 

- Experience with 3D printing and Virtual Reality
Deadline: 30 September 2017
Work location: West Africa or Cambodia or online with some travels to the project site.
Salary and Incentives based on your performance.
Please email your application which emphasized your past experiences related to the above topics to info@smartconsulting.asia Skype: adalidda WhatsApp:+85577778919

Illustration Photo: Innovation Park, Penn State (credits: Penn State / Flickr Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0))


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