Authors: Xiao D, Yang Q, Feng J Z, Ke X, Du Z
The International Tri-Conference for Precision Agriculture in 2017
Publisher: Zenodo

Background: Pig farm environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, light, harmful gas content like ammonia and carbon dioxide, as well as pigs’ daily behavioral data, such as sit and walk, feed intake, make up pig farm big data, which is important basis for accurate control of pigs’ health. The precise acquisition of such data becomes an urgent. Currently data collection in pig farm is of poor real-time performance and persistence, especially for video data in collaborative collection applications.

Methods: Based on Internet of things technology, this paper builds up a pig farm big data acquisition system, designs a detailed IOT topology architecture, a network communication protocol and an intelligent processing gateway system, implements an integrated big data acquisition system for large-scale pig farms.

Results: As a result, pig farm environmental factors, pigs’ feeding data and life monitoring video data, etc., can be comprehensively coordinated acquired. The experiment has been carried out in a pig farm in Guangdong province. One month consecutive experiment shows that our system can on-line monitor the farm environment information, pigs’ feeding and living conditions. It can catch the changes of pig farm environment and pigs’ growing status in time.

Discussion: The relationship between environment and pigs’ activity can be explored through the experimental data.

Conclusion: Our system has a broad application prospect. Farmers can take corresponding measures to cope with different scenarios according to the result of real-time monitoring. It is of great significance to the pig production industry.

Photo: A distributed monitoring architecture (credits: Xiao D, Yang Q, Feng J Z, Ke X, Du Z)


This article is published under license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0


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