Authors: Ali Najim Abdullah, Ahmed Mohamed Merza, Bdoor Alaa Mahmood


Journal Title: Journal of University of Babylon
ISSN: 1992-0652 (Print)
Publisher: University of Babylon
Society/Institution: University of Babylon
Water is basis of the existence of life on earth and its invaluable because it’s an essential requirement for all the human beings but, presently water preparation and processing systems are suffering from different problems such as real-time operations problems, loss of large amounts of water in the liquidation and distribution operations, less amount of water sources, i.e. The increase in water problems coincides with the increase in population numbers and residential areas such as (water distribution, consumption, Interrupted water sources problems as well as water quality). Therefore, to eliminate these problems and make more efficient water systems, effective and reliable there is necessity for accurate monitoring and proper controlling system. In this paper, we are focusing on the design of water system in real-time and on the continuous monitoring of water based on IoT cloud computing and Arduino microcontroller. Water system with proper control algorithm and continuous monitoring any place and any time makes a stable distribution so that, we can have a record of height of water in tanks and we can change the devices status in the plant. Internet of things is a network of physical connected objects equipped with software, electronics circuits, sensors, and network connection part which allow monitoring and controlling anywhere around the world. Through using cloud computing proved by free severs, the water system’s data continuously is uploaded to cloud allowing the real time monitoring operation by the use of sensors and microcontroller (Arduino) as Minicomputer to control and monitor the system operation from cloud with efficient (client to server) connection.

Picture: Overall System Block Diagram (credits: Ali Najim Abdullah, Ahmed Mohamed Merza, Bdoor Alaa Mahmood)


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