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Vector Center today announced its Perception Reality Engine™, a proprietary platform capable of vastly improving and accelerating decision making around crises related to water, food, and energy. In collaboration with IBM Cloud Services, Vector Center incorporates artificial intelligence in this new approach that consolidates previously inaccessible data and generates deeper analytics to inform more effective responses.

The innovative Perception Reality Engine™ derives insights from traditionally disconnected data sources through a combination of analytics including public sentiment analysis, large-scale data science, academic research, and on-the-ground reporting.

Photo: In an era of disruption and rapid innovation, Vector Center delivers critical intelligence at the intersection of water, food, and energy globally (credit: Vector Center)

"Disruptive events, long-term fundamental shifts, and increasing population are placing enormous strain on our ability to manage water, food, and energy demands around the world," said Vector Center founder J. Carl Ganter, speaking today at the Concordia Summit in New York. "To address profound challenges of this magnitude, we need to understand faster and better what people believe and the data behind the problems they face. That's the only way we can find solutions."

The Perception Reality Engine™ comes at a time when water security issues on one side of the planet can affect geopolitical stability and economies on the other. At the current pace, the world will reach a 40 percent gap between water supply and demand by 2030, which will affect supply chains, energy markets, food production, and access to safe and sustainable water for people and ecosystems. This week, world leaders are meeting in New York at the United Nations General Assembly to discuss the Sustainable Development Goals, which are designed advance systemic solutions to immense, interconnected global challenges.

Vector Center has teamed with IBM Cloud Services to provide big data analytics and Watson cognitive capabilities. Using Vector Center's proven feedback-driven processes, the Perception Reality Engine™ captures and analyzes data from the ground up, from grassroots social media, news coverage, and original on-the-ground reportage, to peer-reviewed research and satellite tracking and monitoring.

Source: Vector Center


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