Philippines allow the importation of 7 million kilos of pork

Meat importers will be allowed to bring in 7-million kilos of pork to stabilize the price in the market.
2 years ago

26 April 2017

Statement of Secretary Emmanuel F. Piñol

It has always been my desire to ensure that farmers make good income from their endeavors.

That is why, a month ago President Rody Duterte ordered the deferment of rice importation during peak harvest season to protect Filipino rice farmers.

The effort to protect the farmers and fishermen, however, has to take into consideration the interests of the Filipino consumers.

Two weeks ago, when Pres. Duterte personally called my attention to the rising prices of pork in the market, I arranged a series of meetings with the hog raisers groups.

I appealed to them that while the opportunity to make bigger profit is tempting, they should control the price of live weight so as not to further push up the price of pork.

In the meeting, they all pledged to help.

In spite of that, prices of pork continued to rise prompting me to call the technical team to assess the situation.

After the meeting, I sent out this message to the hog raisers:

“As of 1 pm today, the Dept. of Agriculture has decided to allow the importation of 7-million kilos of pork covered by MAV to address the uncontrolled increase in the price of pork in the market.

“I have approved the recommendation of the technical team in view of the seeming insincerity of the hog raisers I talked with last week.

“If you remember I made an appeal that the price of live weight be controlled so that I will not be unduly pressured by the consumers.

“It seems my appeal fell on deaf ears, hence this move to allow importation. Please disseminate to all concerned. Sec. Manny Piñol.”

This would mean that meat importers will be allowed to bring in 7-million kilos of pork to stabilize the price in the market.

Source: Dept. of Agriculture, The Philippines

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