5 September 2017

Altran has today announced the acquisition of GlobalEdge Software Limited, an India-based product engineering company specialized in embedded software solutions and IoT Solutions. The company serves mostly the Semiconductor, Telecoms and Automotive industries, but also addresses a larger range of industry segments such as Software & Internet and Consumer electronics, with many blue-chip clients.

Headquarted in Bangalore with a branch in Hyberabad and two specific client locations in Chennai and in Mumbai/Pune, the acquisition of GlobalEdge significantly increases Altran's presence in India with additional 1,000 engineers. The critical size achieved will improve Altran's Industrialized GlobalShore(TM) delivery capabilities and accelerate Altran India's strategy to increase penetration in US Groups with Indian captive centers.

GlobalEdge accelerates Altran's commercial footprint in North America, with a desirable and balanced client base of blue-chip companies mainly headquarted in the US, to which GlobalEdge offers a unique delivery model with a dedicated Californian-based team of several dozens engineers.

The acquisition provides Altran with deep expertise in the latest mobile connectivity technology and emerging technologies such as 5G. It will reinforce the leading edge expertise of the Altran's Advanced Network World Class Center created earlier this year. GlobalEdge also strengthens Altran's high-end expertise in embedded software development and testing. GlobalEdge has strong knowledge in the development of embedded software solutions and services to enable diverse applications across industry segments. The company owns its own product IP frameworks focused on connectivity, and offers a highly automated connectivity lab-as-a-service, currently sold to a number of major clients.

Source: Altran

Photo: Open and Connected car. © Altran.


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