Call for Applications: Social Entrepreneurship Challenge

The Copernicus Masters Social Entrepreneurship Challenge is looking for solutions using Copernicus data that solve social, cultural, or environmental issues and generate a positive return to society.
Applications are closed
Participants of this challenge can be non-profit social enterprises, for-profit social enterprises, or hybrid-social enterprises. Submissions to the challenge can range in maturity, from idea through to a completed product or service. Further, the solutions submitted do not need to have a commercial application, but could still clearly provide benefits to society with the realisation of their idea.
Submissions are welcome in any relevant application field, including but not limited to:
  • Cultural Heritage: Monitor and protect cultural landscapes, historic buildings, ancient monuments, city centres or archaeological sites.
  • Environmental protection: Enable more sustainable environmental practises, such as urban planning, deforestation,
  • Renewable energies: Support the management and further development of our natural resources for energy production.
  • Public Health: Identify and monitor environmental factors that have an effect on public health
  • Education: Provide Earth observation solutions to educate either the younger generations, or the general public about important issues facing society.
Dateline for submission: 30 June 2019
Right to Participate
Enterprises, scientific institutions, and individuals of legal adult age are entitled to participate in the Copernicus Masters 2019. Applications will be accepted from anywhere in the world.
Source: The Copernicus Masters

Illustration Photo: Based on measurements gathered by the Copernicus Sentinel-5P mission between April and September 2018, the image shows high levels of nitrogen dioxide in London, Paris, Brussels, western Germany, Milan and Moscow. Nitrogen dioxide pollutes the air mainly as a result of traffic and the combustion of fossil fuel in industrial processes. It has a significant impact on human health, contributing particularly to respiratory problems. Copyright contains modified Copernicus data (2018), processed by KNMI

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