Author: Jeongbin Im


Publisher: FFTC-AP 
The MAFRA will foster the food and restaurant industry and encourage healthy diet culture. It will nurture the simple, functional, and elderly-friendly foods in response to consumption trend such as the increase of one family member household and the increasing concern over health issues. It will utilize the Pyeongchang Olympic Games to enhance public relations over Korean food and help promote it globally. It will strengthen the education of good diet, and food safety management by increasing certification of GAPs and HACCP to enhance people’s health and nutrition.
The MAFRA will identify new growth engine sectors such as seeds, agricultural products, farm equipment and pets, and support them to become high-value-added items, concentrating on policies and practical R&D in response to the future such as the fourth industrial revolution.

Illustration Photo: Ginseng farm in South Korea (credits: lily Wu / Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0)


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