The general objective of this call is to support European music diversity by identifying and supporting existing innovative methods promoting the online and offline distribution models, as well as newly generated ideas, through the selection of 10 grant proposals that enhance the cross-border circulation of music repertoire in order to overcome the existing barriers imposed by the international hits or other obstacles such as visibility, language and market fragmentation in the music sector. 
Specific objectives 
The call aims at supporting minimum viable products or existing innovative methods, including those at idea stage. The proposals should demonstrate their contribution to the general objective by covering at least one of the following specific objectives:

1. At consumer level, increase availability of European repertoire beyond mainstream hits.

2. Improve editorial and algorithmic curation to increase the discoverability of European music on digital platforms.

3. Promote visibility of diverse genres of European music on streaming, physical sales, radio, television, or live performances and festivals.

4. Enhance the presence of local language music on international platforms.

The proposal should include relevant activities that are necessary for the accomplishment of the above objectives. The following, not exclusive activities promoting diversity and local repertoire may be supported:
  • European music curators and/or European music algorithms;
  • Recommendations with advanced use of technology, big data, artificial intelligence, human curation, or the combination thereof;
  • Compilation and promotion of playlists of European musical diversity;
  • Dedicated discovery tools to help find diverse European music and testing of innovative technologies likely to increase the online discoverability of European music (artificial intelligence, big data, augmented reality, life soundtracks, etc.);
  • Services increasing visibility of indie or local repertoire on international platforms;
  • Measures ensuring that talents get access to proper distribution channels and can reach out to the market place;
  • Visibility and promotion activities.
Dateline for submission: 9 October 2018 13:00 CET
Source: The European Commission

Illustration Photo: Music (CC0 Creative Commons from


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