Chandler, Arizona, April 14, 2017 (

The footwear industry is experiencing a revolution that will forever change the way you buy shoes. RESA Wearables is beginning its quest to streamline the way custom orthotic insoles are designed, purchased and delivered into the modern age.

RESA is a first-of-its-kind retailer that makes 100% custom insoles on location while you shop, taking ‘Made in the USA’ to a whole new level. It’s patented all-in-one Scan, Design and Print System is a technological coup many years in the making. RESA will also be unveiling its unique modular kiosk consisting of a new type of environmentally-friendly cardboard that allows customers to witness their own custom insoles being 3D-printed right before their eyes.

The process of making RESA custom insoles begins with their proprietary scanning technology, which is the fastest, most accurate laser foot scanner on the market. It captures a highly-defined image of a customer’s foot in a matter of seconds. The artificial intelligence in the RESA system utilizes anatomical guidelines captured through the scan to design a custom insole using a special gel system. It not only provides the most accurate scan, but feels great under your feet as well. The RESA system produces activity-specific insoles whether you need them for running, standing for hours or just sitting comfortably at your desk. Once the designs are finished, customers can get all their other shopping done and return to pick up their custom insoles in about an hour.

Photo: 3D-Printed Custom shoes (credit: RESA Wearables, Inc.)

RESA’s modular, scalable rapid-manufacturing system is sure to cause disruption in the foot care industry. The RESA Kiosk in Chandler will be the first of many that will appear in select locations throughout the United States before the end of 2017. 

Source: RESA Wearables, Inc.


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