Blockchain technology has proven itself as a worldwide game changer and the rapid rise in the market value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a testament to the peoples' trust on this technology. However, Bottos will take this groundbreaking Blockchain technology to the next level by applying it to AI and big data field.

According to the CEO Xin Song, Bottos is also a consensus-based one-stop platform to implement the registration, distribution and transformation of the data among different participants within the broad-based AI ecosystem. With an impressive list of successful entrepreneurs and professionals on its leadership team and advisory board, industry-leading partners such as ARM and Huawei Technologies as well as the support from the more than 100,000-member community the upcoming platform is poised to become the next AI focused Etherum-like ecosystem in the world of cryptocurrency.

As a global data sharing network Bottos not only provides huge benefits to AI developers by reducing the acquisition cost and improving the data quality but also helps data contributors capitalize their assets by retaining clear ownership of their data and gaining better privacy control through registration. Therefore Bottos is a win-win solution for data contributors and requestors.

Source: Bottos

Illustration Photo: Blockchain (CC0 Creative Commons from


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