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    ESA Call for Proposals: Space4Sport Kick-Start

    Over recent years, sport as an industry has been particularly receptive to new developments in technology and analytics. Wearable technologies have diversified, both at a professional sports science level and in the consumer fitness market. Teams and sporting bodies have worked to make their stadiums more connected, with all major new stadiums now being built with this in mind.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Augmented Reality in the Integrative Internet of Things (AR-IoT): Application for Precision Farming

    This paper introduces the use of augmented reality (AR) as a support to IoT data visualization, called AR-IoT. The AR-IoT system superimposes IoT data directly onto real-world objects and enhances object interaction. As a case study, this system is applied to crop monitoring. Multi-camera, a non-destructive and low-cost imaging platform of the IoT, is connected to the internet and integrated into the system to measure the three-dimensional (3D) coordinates of objects.

    A Survey on Deep Learning in Crop Planting

    We review deep learning applications in crop planting. In addition, we discuss the challenges and future trend of deep learning in crop planting. We hope that this review could promote more researchers to apply deep learning methods in crop planting field.

    Biocontrol: a natural approach to food security

    Instead of using potentially harmful pesticides to protect our food supplies from pests, researchers working within the EU-funded BINGO project are using the natural enemies of pests to control their populations.

    Call for Applications: International Start-Up Program with a focus on Blockchain and Extended Entertainment

    Ubisoft announced the fourth season of its start-up program at the world’s biggest start-up campus, Station F in Paris, France as well as its expansion to Singapore. By expanding this program to Asia. Ubisoft will be able to support and reach out to more entrepreneurs around the world working on innovative technologies to help shape the future of entertainment. The “Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab” as it will now be known is managed by Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for proposals: Solutions to collect and analyze public data on companies

    ENGIE has chosen AWS as its preferred cloud provider for advanced storage, data collection and analysis solutions. The call for projects continues ENGIE's work on data enhancement to better serve its customers and offer increasingly innovative solutions based on the cloud.
    Application Deadline in a month

    PLUG-N-HARVEST Architecture for Secure and Intelligent Management of Near-Zero Energy Buildings

    This paper presents the PLUG-N-HARVEST architecture based on cloud AI systems and security-by-design IoT networks to manage near-zero ADBE constructions in both residential and commercial buildings. To demonstrate the PLUG-N-HARVEST architecture, three different real-world pilots have been considered in Germany, Greece and Spain.

    Optimized Subsurface Irrigation System: The Future of Sugarcane Irrigation

    OPSIS (optimized subsurface irrigation system) is a new solar-powered automatic subsurface irrigation system that creates a phreatic zone below crop roots and relies on capillarity to supply water to the root zone. It is designed for upland crops such as sugarcane.

    Call for projects: Electric Cooking Solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa

    ENGIE Africa is looking for electric cooking solutions for access to clean cooking that align with any of the following goals: Providing affordable, fast-deployed and energy-efficient access to electric cooking for households connected to off grid mini-grid in remote rural areas, Taking advantage of digital solutions through mobile economy, efficient payment platforms and powerful data platforms.
    Application Deadline in 17 days

    The Application Of Blockchain In Food Industry

    For food tracking applications of blockchain technology, entering data into the system does not prove that the data is true in the first place. Such systems will most likely be consortium blockchains managed by the food companies, so they are not immune to manipulation. The main importance of this system is that it erases the need for a lengthy paper trail that stakeholders cannot access.

    EU Call for Proposals: U-space services and Drone traffic management for airports

    Proposals must include research activities leading to further development of the U-space concept.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    A Smart Decision System for Digital Farming

    In this paper, the advantages are demonstrated of a powerful tool that applies real-time decisions from data such as variable rate irrigation, and selected parameters from field and weather conditions. The field parameters, the index vegetation (estimated using aerial images), and the irrigation events, such as flow level, pressure level, and wind speed, are periodically sampled.

    Dubai's partnership to boost collaborations between the UAE government entities and start-ups from around the world

    To increase the opportunities available to innovators locally and internationally, TECOM Group, a member of Dubai Holding and founder of start-up-enabling platform in5, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, with Dubai Future Foundation, DFF, and Dubai Development Authority, DDA.

    EU Call for Proposals: Software suite enabling real–time cyber defence situational awareness for military decision-making

    Proposals submitted under this topic must bring support to the ongoing CSA capabilities of the Member States. In this way, they shall focus on providing operational prototypes of software suites for enabling real-time CSA that facilitate military decision-making. Contributions should introduce cognitive visualisation tools and integration with existing sensors. The system should be multi-tiered meaning information, which shall be aggregated according to the needs of the viewer at technical, operational or strategic level.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    Call for Applications: GIST Business Incubation 2019 for Global Startups in Scientific or Technological sector

    The incubation program GIST 2019 companies will provide entrepreneurs with exposure to the US market and start-up resources. While in residence with the program, participants will work to refine their ideas, build their business plans and find the right market for their product. Participating entrepreneurs will also have the opportunity to network in the startup ecosystem where they are.
    Application Deadline in 2 months

    Call for Applications: The Core Infrastructure Fund - Building block technologies, infrastructures, and communities relied upon by digital security

    The Core Infrastructure Fund supports the ‘building block’ technologies, infrastructures, and communities relied upon by digital security and circumvention tools strengthening internet freedom, digital security, and the overall health of the internet.
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for projects: Urban Power & Clean Water Solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa

    ENGIE Africa is a long-term partner for Africa’s growing energy needs. It has over 50 years of experience on the continent and employs 3,000 people of which 98% are Africans. ENGIE now has over 3,000 MW of energy capacity, it is a leader in energy services and provides clean off-grid electricity to more than 2 million people. Africa’s business context is particular and needs new models and technologies which are tailored to its specific needs.
    Application Deadline in 17 days

    EU Call for Proposals: Solar Energy in Industrial Processes

    The potential of applying solar energy for industrial purposes is still largely untapped. Using solar energy to provide the heat or cooling necessary to industrial processes that need high reliability and high quality heat and cooling and continuous operation requires innovative advances in solar energy technology. Also, industrial processes might need to be adapted to the use of the solar resource. Industrial actors expect solutions with limited installation, maintenance and operation requirements and which are easy to operate.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    Agronomic Evaluation of Biochar, Compost and Biochar-Blended Compost across Different Cropping Systems: Perspective from the European Project FERTIPLUS

    A slow pyrolysis oak biochar was applied, either alone or in combination with organic residues: compost from olive wastes in Murcia (Spain), sheep manure in Almeria (Spain), and compost from biowaste and green waste in Belgium and Italy. The agronomical benefits were evaluated based on different aspects of soil fertility (soil total organic carbon (TOC), pH, nutrient cycling and microbial activity) and crop nutritional status and productivity.

    Call for Applications: Collaborate with The Alan Turing Institute as an AI Startup Challenge Owner

    As part of the Data Study Group, Startup Challenge owners will work collaboratively with a pool of 50+ academic specialists and The Alan Turing Institute. The intensive five-day collaborative event brings together industry, government, and the third sector, with talented multi-disciplinary academic researchers to delve deeper into and quickly prototype possible solutions to your data science challenges.
    Application Deadline in a year

    Call for Applications: Startup Europe Smart Agrifood Summit

    We select 300 startups to join our intensive 2 days (Jun, 20 to 21) Start-ups will engage with our international team of advisors, successful entrepreneurs and investors in unique daily activities that are designed to help entrepreneurs gain new perspective and focus.
    Application Deadline in a month

    International Job Vacancy: Landscape Designer

    The Landscape Designer will work on our industrial estate project.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    ESA Call for Proposals : Artificial Intelligence Kick-Start

    The following topics are non-exhaustive examples of areas relevant to the theme of artificial intelligence. They can benefit from using integrated terrestrial and space-based technologies: Retail, Electric Utility,Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, Healthcare, Social good
    Application Deadline in 6 months

    Call for Projects: Solutions for the Future of Mobility in the UK

    ENGIE has made green mobility one of its key strategic priorities. This includes the continued development of green mobility infrastructure and associated services (including EV, public transport and gas mobility solutions) around the UK.
    Application Deadline in 11 days

    Call for Proposals: Innovation Platforms, Agribusinesses and other Multi-stakeholders platforms to Scale Agricultural Technologies in Africa

    The goal of this call is to competitively provide support to existing/new innovation Platforms, agribusinesses and other Multi-stakeholders platforms to bring technologies to scale on TAAT commodities value chain: rice, wheat, maize, sorghum/millet, cassava, beans, sweet potatoes, fish and small livestock (including poultry).
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Applications: Young Leaders & Innovators for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Junior Chamber International (JCI) and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Youth (SDSN Youth) are partnering to offer young leaders the global recognition, tools, training, and resources needed to scale their SDG-focused projects.
    Application Deadline in 12 days

    Job Vacancy: Senior Agricultural Infrastructure & Irrigation Engineer

    Deko Industries is Exporter and Manufacturer of agrifood products. We promote and use open source technologies in our operations. We have operations in the Southeast Asia and West Africa. We are looking to hire a Senior Agricultural Infrastructure & Irrigation Engineer.
    Application Deadline in 3 months

    Call for Applications: Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2019

    The Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards can help you take your sustainability initiative, product or service to the next level. Take a look at what you need to know about the Awards this year. Then send us your entry!
    Application Deadline in a month

    Call for Applications: Pitch AgriHack 2019 for Young e-agriculture Start-ups in Sub-Saharan Africa

    The competition is open to both male and female founders and co-founders of startups offering digital services to the agricultural sector. Applicants must be aged between 18 and 35 years old.
    Application Deadline in 4 days

    Call for Applications: Ecotrophelia Next Food Generation

    ECOTROPHELIA NEXT FOOD GENERATION aims to gather the most innovative food concepts, i.e. projects that haven't seen the light of day up to start-ups that just entered the market, in a privileged space in one of the most attractive tradeshows for the food sector.
    Application Deadline in 14 days

    Smart aquaponic system based Internet of Things (IoT)

    This research designed a smart aquaponics system that could control and monitor the degree of acidity, water level, water temperature, and fish feed that were integrated with internet-based mobile application.

    Call for Proposals: The Online Safety Benchmark

    The goal of the RFP is to challenge the community to address these challenges together, and to solicit new tasks. The results of the challenge will be presented at the Truth and Trust Online conference, to be held on October 4th and 5th in London, UK. Award recipients should plan to attend the conference if possible.
    Application Deadline in 10 days

    Call for Applications: Apple Entrepreneur Camp

    Apple Entrepreneur Camp’s technology labs in Cupertino, California take place once a quarter. Applications are accepted worldwide and on a rolling basis, so you can apply for any dates that are currently scheduled. Learn about eligibility requirements and the application process.
    Application Deadline in 2 months

    April Crypto Highs And Lows

    One of the most exciting aspects of dealing with cryptocurrency is waiting to see what surprises lay ahead. Every month, there are numerous predictions by industry figures, investors, and cryptocurrency users, but due to cryptocurrency’s inherent volatility, many predictions never manifest.

    Call for Applications: SLINGSHOT 2019 - Global startup competition in Singapore

    Organised by Enterprise Singapore, the government agency driving the development of startups and enterprises in Singapore, SLINGSHOT 2019 returns for its third year with six key tracks for participants.
    Application Deadline in a month

    From blockchain in coffee supply chains to Blue Fashion, showcasing innovative solutions for Zero Hunger at the Seeds&Chips Summit

    At the 5th edition of the Seeds and Chips Summit (6-9 May), which brings together more than 350 companies and organizations, and has over 50 sessions and events, the UN agency is showcasing several such innovative agricultural solutions.

    Call for EOIs: Climate Smart Agriculture East Africa

    SNV is inviting expressions of interest from private sector-led agribusinesses to co-invest in the implementation of climate change adaptation, productivity improvements and inclusive business models under its Climate Smart Agriculture East Africa Project (CSA-EA) project.
    Application Deadline in 11 days

    Call for Applications: Enel Boston Innovation Hub

    We want to work with the best startups worldwide, offering our expertise, opening the doors of our laboratories and guaranteeing the resources required to develop better solutions in a fast way.
    Application Deadline in 7 months

    Research and Development of Automatic Monitoring System for Livestock Farms

    In this study we have developed an automatic monitoring system based on wireless communication networks in both dairy and pig farms to replace traditional manual data collection of the environmental conditions and manual controls of fans and water control valves in livestock farms to solve the man-power shortage problem for livestock farming.