Energy Industry Secures Lower Costs as Additive Manufacturing Enables Internal Parts Production

Localization of 3D/4D printing at client locations to alter business models and encourage the use of innovative materials, finds Frost & Sullivan

EU's Call for Proposals: Advanced materials for additive manufacturing

By combining several materials, proposals should advance the state of the art through the development of ready assembled multifunctional devices.
Application Deadline in a month

EU's Call for Proposals: Pilot lines for modular factories

Modular production equipment can create highly adaptable production lines to enable efficient production of small series tailored to customer demands.
Application Deadline in 2 months

Singapore to establish Additive Manufacturing Facility and Applications in Maritime Sector

The facility’s location also leverages PSA’s parts supplier base and facility operations to support just-in-time inventory. This move towards digitised inventories reduces the need to hold excess inventory, which lowers storage costs, while shortening turnaround time from weeks to days due to improved availability of spare parts. In the long run, PSA will expand the scope of these services to the wider maritime industry, including ship owners, to help build its business adjacencies.

Bosch Rexroth and BigRep Announce Development Partnership to Introduce New Dimension of Industrial Additive Manufacturing

By combining the experts in drive and control technologies with the experts in large-scale 3D printing, the additive industry will see faster and more cost-efficient creation of models, patterns, prototypes, tools and end-use products.

Optimizing 3D concrete printing: exploring potentials and limitations of materials and production

The application of new Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), digital fabrication and additive manufacturing techniques in the construction industries is expected to bring major change to these industries.
7 months ago

MIDIH Call for Proposals: E1 Topic - Integrating CPS / IoT subtractive production technologies in Additive Manufacturing experimental facilities

The E1 topic looks for CPS/IOT data-driven experiments to explore the design challenges and opportunities of additive manufacturing combined with traditional subtractive technologies, aspects of products customization, rapid manufacturing, design concepts, assembly strategies, combinations of components, cybersecurity etc.
Applications are closed
8 months ago

Volvo CE moves into 3D Printing of parts

Volvo CE has introduced 3D printing in order to deliver spare parts to customers more quickly and efficiently. The company is also investing in 3D printing methods in the research and development of its prototype machinery.
8 months ago

Groupe PSA to show its Plant of the Future at the Global Industrie Exhibition

Its vision of the plant of the future projects Groupe PSA into a new growth model designed to address four key challenges.
8 months ago

Advanced Material Strategies for Next-Generation Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) has drawn tremendous attention in various fields. In recent years, great efforts have been made to develop novel additive manufacturing processes such as micro-/nano-scale 3D printing, bioprinting, and 4D printing for the fabrication of complex 3D structures with high resolution, living components, and multimaterials.
10 months ago

Sintavia Approved to Additively Manufacture Flightworthy Parts for Honeywell

Sintavia, a leading Tier One metal additive manufacturer, announced today that it had received internal approval to manufacture production parts for Honeywell Aerospace via the powder bed fusion process, representing the first company to do so. The approval covers all programs within Honeywell Aerospace.
a year ago

Call for Proposals: Imagine tomorrow's Construction Industry !

The construction sector has to take action to overcome these new challenges, and new technologies will undoubtedly be one aspect of the answer, digitalized project design and construction using digital models (BIM – Building Information Modelling), the introduction ofrobots to construction sites, and 3D printing of construction materials are just a few examples of these innovative technologies.
Applications are closed
a year ago

Industry 4.0, Global Value Chains and International Business

The paper aims to provide an assessment of how the widespread adoption of new digital technologies (i.e. the internet of things, big data and analytics, robotic systems, and additive manufacturing) might affect the location and organisation of activities within global value chains (GVCs).
a year ago

Spare parts go digital: a boost for the Industrial Spare Parts Business

Five percent of spare parts could currently be stored in digital warehouses. This would make parts more quickly and easily available, while creating considerable cost savings. Digitalisation will also enable individual customisation and an increase in the intelligence of parts.
a year ago

GE Additive unveils first BETA machine from its Project Atlas program

GE Additive today unveiled the first BETA machine developed as part of its Project A.T.L.A.S program. The meter-class, laser powder-bed fusion machine has been developed to provide manufacturers of large parts and components with a scalable solution that can be configured and customized to their own specific industry applications.
a year ago

Additive Manufacturing : Unlocking the Evolution of Energy Materials

This review will highlight emerging and important applications in energy additive manufacturing, including fuel cells, batteries, hydrogen, solar cell as well as carbon capture and storage.
a year ago

Additive Manufacturing Offers New Opportunities in UAV Research

The work here presented shows the advanced research conducted in cooperation between Altair Engineering and Politecnico di Torino to develop vital components for the structure of a multi-rotor: they represent a challenge because the main need is to interface arms, consisting in carbon fiber tubes, with motor or frame, both made in 7075 Alloy.
a year ago

Design for Additive Manufacturing, to produce assembled products, by Selective Laser Sintering

The paper presents a new methodology on how to design a product, which could be produced directly as an assembly, instead of manufacturing all individual parts, to be assembled after words, in a classical manner.
a year ago

Detecting Attacks in CyberManufacturing Systems: Additive Manufacturing Example

This paper presents a vision-based system to detect intentional attacks on additive manufacturing processes, utilizing machine learning techniques. Particularly, additive manufacturing systems have unique vulnerabilities to malicious attacks, which can result in defective infills but without affecting the exterior.
a year ago

BAM and Clausthal University of Technology are testing Powder-based Additive Manufacturing in Zero Gravity

For this purpose a component is divided into thousands of virtual layers using software and then it is built up by the repeated application of powder layer by layer. The focus of the planned parabolic flight tests is on the application of powder layers as this is very difficult under zero gravity conditions.
a year ago

Augmented Reality Interfaces for Additive Manufacturing

This paper explores potential use cases for using augmented reality (AR) as a tool to operate industrial machines. As a baseline we use an additive manufacturing system, more commonly known as a 3D printer.
a year ago

Thales creates a Global Center of Expertise in Metal Additive Manufacturing in Morocco

This industrial Competence Centre forms part of the Industrial Acceleration Plan 2014 to 2020, supported by the Kingdom of Morocco, which supports the development of an innovative ecosystem involving Thales and its local suppliers, including the creation of a high-tech industrial competence centre.
a year ago

Predicting the Future of Additive Manufacturing: A Delphi study on economic and societal implications of 3D printing for 2030

Delphi survey on the future of additive manufacturing with a focus on its economic and societal implications in 2030. Via an initial round of extensive qualitative interviews and a Delphi-based analysis of 3510 quantitative estimations and 1172 qualitative comments from 65 experts, we were able to develop and validate 18 projections that were then clustered into a scenario for the most probable future.
a year ago

Additive Manufacturing for commercial and general Aviation to reach around $3.3 billion in 2022

Within the past five years, the aerospace industry has invested heavily to explore the possibilities for AM technology to (1) produce aircraft components in a more cost effective manner, or (2) fabricate advanced components not feasible through traditional manufacturing methods.
3 years ago

Dassault Systèmes and Airbus Group Extend Collaboration to Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, is an alternative to production processes such as milling, melting, casting and precision forging. Already adopted by the aerospace industry for creative product design and prototyping, the use of additive manufacturing is gradually extending to large-scale production.
3 years ago

Additive Manufacturing: Reproducibility of Metallic Parts

The present study deals with the properties of five different metals/alloys (Al-12Si, Cu-10Sn and 316L—face centered cubic structure, CoCrMo and commercially pure Ti (CP-Ti)—hexagonal closed packed structure) fabricated by selective laser melting.
2 years ago

Optomec Partners with DETEKT to Expand Additive Manufacturing Market in Asia

Optomec Aerosol Jet printers provide high-resolution 3D printing capabilities required to manufacture smaller, lighter-weight, high-performance devices used in industries such as aerospace, defense, consumer electronics and the Internet of Things (IoT).
3 years ago

3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing: Opportunities for the Metals Industry

Additive Manufacturing changes the fundamental nature of product design. The design and manufacturing effort can be directed for optimal efficiency, cost and functionality for a metal part. For some companies, AM might reduce assembly steps or eliminate tooling, leading to significant cost savings.
3 years ago

Additive Layer Manufacturing applied to Airbus A330neo jetliner and BelugaXL Airlifter Enabling Fast Reaction

A prototype air nozzle was 3D printed for the A330neo passenger cabin’s climate control system, verifying a new configuration that is adapted to the aircraft’s larger overhead storage lockers.
2 years ago

Additive Manufacturing – a Sustainable Manufacturing route

Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies allow developing and manufacturing very complex shaped parts and functional products with a high level of customization, being a great alternative to Traditional Manufacturing (TM) methods like injection molding, die-casting or machining.
2 years ago

Creating the Foundation of Qualifications for Long-Term Success of Additive Manufacturing

The European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) is developing a modular approach to its qualification system, enabling professionals to pick and choose the most adequate qualifications to achieve the required certification, thus enabling further flexibility on the workforce in response to changing industry’s requirements.
2 years ago

adidas to create High Performance Footwear using its Additive Manufacturing Technology Digital Light Synthesis

adidas unveils Futurecraft 4D, the world’s first high performance footwear featuring midsoles crafted with light and oxygen using Digital Light Synthesis, a technology pioneered by Carbon.
2 years ago

The Impact and Potential of the Collaborative Internet and Additive Manufacturing on the Future Economy

The research study comprised of four phases: desk research, a workshop, a mini-foresight exercise and interviews with industrialists and academics. The data collected were analysed and a number of positive and negative policy options were identified.
a year ago

Additive Manufacturing and Sustainability: an Exploratory Study of the Advantages and Challenges

In this paper, consideration is given to the role of one such advanced manufacturing process technology: additive manufacturing. The consequences of adopting this novel production technology on industrial sustainability are not well understood and this exploratory study draws on publically available data to provide insights into the impacts of additive manufacturing on sustainability.
a year ago

Artificial Intelligence and Additive Manufacturing to Transform the Supply Chain Process, Reports SpendEdge

Artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing or 3D printing are emerging technologies that have a huge potential in a variety of industries and applications.
2 years ago

Renault Trucks is working on an Additive Manufacturing process, Metal 3D Printing, that is set to Boost the Performance of Engines

The Renault Trucks Lyon Powertrain Engineering department has focused on using metal additive manufacturing as a future engine manufacturing process. A prototype DTI 5 4- cylinder Euro 6 step C engine has been designed exclusively using 3D printing.
2 years ago

GE Plans to Invest $1.4 Billion to Acquire Additive Manufacturing Companies Arcam and SLM

GE expects to grow the new additive business to $1 billion by 2020 at attractive returns and also expects $3-5 billion of product cost-out across the company over the next ten years.
2 years ago

3D Systems Unveils Industry’s First Scalable, Fully-Integrated Additive Manufacturing Platform

3D Systems announced the industry’s first modular, scalable and fully-integrated additive manufacturing platform.
2 years ago

Additive Manufacturing Cloud via Peer-robot Collaboration

Each robot combines heterogeneous additive manufacturing hardware and software, acting as an intelligent agent. Through collaboration with other robots, it forms a dynamic and scalable integration manufacturing system.
2 years ago